Client Bridge with OpenWrt

Hi again, thanks for the answer to my last topic...

I can nearly get Open WRT to do everything I want bu I can't seem to setup an wireless interface as a Client Bridge (as opposed to a simple client). Any pointers would be really appreciated!

Cheers, Bill

Perhaps you're looking for WDS

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What device do you have?

Broadcom WiFi chips will not do WiFi bridge in OpenWrt.

hi bill, the answer depends on the routers and chipsets you have. consider the following scenarios:

  1. WDS: if both main and second routers have atheros chipsets and both openwrt supported.

  2. Relayd: if main router is not on openwrt but the second router has atheros chipset and also openwrt supported.

  3. dd-wrt: if your second router has broadcom chipset and is also dd-wrt supported. there is a caveat though. broadcom arm client bridge mode may not be stable. broadcom mips client bridge should be fine. your solution kinda depends on the devices you have.

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Hi thanks for the responses...

The router is a Netgear WNDR 3700 v4, which is a Atheros AR9344 560 MHz CPU and Atheros AR9344 SOC / Atheros AR9582 2/4 and 5 GHz radios...

Are you saying that it's physically incapable of doing 'client bridge' but may be able to do WDS Bridge?


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relayd functions similar to a 'client bridge' if you turn off dhcp on the second router.

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Thanks ... I've had a look at the relayd page - is relayd installed as part of OpenWRT or do I have to manually add it?

Cheers, Bill

you have to manually install relayd.
if you have luci, also install luci-proto-relay.

OK, silly question but how to install packages please ??

EDIT - sorry, never mind, I have installed those packages!
Whether or not I can use them is another matter...

If your devices support WDS, I suggest trying it first. It's a lot more straightforward than relay.

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Thanks ... but to use WDS, I have to use SSH and command line, as it's not available in the GUI?



Is this the main router or the client?

Could you please also tell us the make and model of the device on the other end of the wireless link?
Is it also running OpenWrt?

Hi. This is the client. The ap is a wndr3700 V2 running ddwrt. I don't really want to change the ap router to open WRT.


hi bill, i have a wndr3700v2 and i can absolutely say with full confidence that it runs very well with openwrt. you can save your dd-wrt configuration and try openwrt. you can always flash back to dd-wrt if you don't like openwrt. wndr3700v2 is almost unbrickable hence it's very safe to try openwrt wds with the wndr3700v4.

if not, relayd should work too with your wndr3700v4. you have a couple of options...

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