Client blocked from using NFS and Samba Server on OpenWrt?

  • My laptop running Arch has no issues at all connecting to NFS & samba shares hosted on my NFS & Samba server running on snapshot build of OpenWrt
  • My Ubuntu (Bionic Beaver) Server on the other-hand does fails to connect to NFS & samba shares hosted on my NFS & Samba server running on snapshot build of OpenWrt log reports;
    kernel: [67516.179857] nfs: server not responding, timed out
    -I can ping my router from my Ubuntu Server client pc
    -Through troubleshooting, I've seemed to rule out that the issue is my Ubuntu server.
    -Only fix to get Ubuntu Server client to connect again is to issue;
    /etc/init.d/nfsd restart
    /etc/init.d/samba4 restart

Does OpenWrt have a block list? The IP of my Ubuntu server is static, openwrt has Ubuntu client configured as static dhcp client.

Really confused about how to fix this issue...

Also, systemlog makes no mention of Ubuntu server's ip address.


I had problems connecting to my server in Ubuntu 16 using Samba 4, it was the min protocol setting, you might read through this thread and see if it helps.

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Thanks for the help. I'm still left wondering why my router seems to be blocking NFS and Samba access for one client pc and not the other after a while.

Ahh, sorry, I read your comment as not connecting at all, I don't know what's going on with losing connection unfortunately, I vaguely remember having a similar problem on Ubuntu 12, but never found a fix.

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I'm not sure, I've never had a problem losing dhcp leases, my only suggestion would be to try the default 12 hours (12h ) instead of infinite and see if the behavior is the same.

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Ya, so, I have to manually issue /etc/init.d/nfsd command on my router to fix both NFS and Samba on Ubuntu client... meanwhile, no issues at all with my other pc running Arch.

It seems NFS is locking up my nas function on my router

Compare software versions and configurations.
Compare Wireshark dumps.

Think I may have found the cause of all my issues;
overnight my hard drive are disconnecting/reconnecting such as, last night a total of 6 times!

I suspect this is what is interfering with nfsd.