ClearFog GT 8K - How many own the hardware?

I recently updated part of my LAN to 10Gig, and currently have a 1Gig SFP+ connecting from the 10gig switch to the 1 gig Ethernet port on my 3200acm. It got me thinking about upgrading the router as well, and was looking at the ClearFog GT 8K. My first question is if the SFP+ slot works? I'm thinking I saw commits over a year ago that included SFP support for Clearfog, but just wanted to be sure it is working.
Was also curious about what kind of VPN speeds I could expect? Just a ballpark figure would do because I know it will actually vary a lot.

Really, is this router over-kill? Or just the direction we are going?

As an afterthought -- What size RAM did you buy? Looking at newegg I can get 4GB DDR4 Laptop ram for 22 dollars. Certainly overkill, but that's the smalest amount I could find otherwise you spend a lot more for less. Counter-intuitive

Personally (and with your current device in mind) I'd wait for 802.11ax/ 10 GBit/s compatible routers to appear (respectively become affordable), before thinking about upgrading. The situation might differ of course, if your WAN actually exceeds 1 GBit/s or if a ftth setup would make an internal SFP+ port a sensible choice. As long as your WAN connection is <= 1 GBit/s and without 802.11ax deployed for your WLAN, your router won't really profit from 10 GBit/s connectivity (just connect the devices that need it to the already existing 10 GBit/s switch, the wrt3200acm doesn't need it, nor its integrated WLAN and I don't assume you have a (fast enough to warrant a change-) mass storage device connected to your wrt3200acm either).

Edit: The question is, what would you gain right now from switching?

  • faster internet, nope, still 1 GBit/s until you change the contract (you can still replace your wrt3200acm when that happens)
  • faster WLAN, nope, the clearfog doesn't have any WLAN (and 802.11ax APs could just as well be connected to the existing 10 GBit/s switch)
  • faster QoS/ SQM, maybe.
  • neater setup with the ftth fibre going directly into your router's SFP+ port, yes - but you obviously have that sorted differently already. So is that worth the expense right now, probably not.
  • 10 GBit/s inter-zone routing between multiple internal networks - if you need that now, yes.

The situation would have been different if you didn't own a 10 GBit/s switch already (and assuming the clearfog had enough ports for your needs, so you wouldn't need a 10 GBit/s switch as well) or if your wrt3200acm couldn't deal with routing 1 GBit/s at line speed.

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I would highly evaluate RockPro64 4Gb with a capable NIC if you'd want to "upgrade".

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Many thanks, as you've given me a lot of things to think about. This is exactly the reason why I post questions like these on the forum.

Thinking about it, all the answers are a no, so I think I'm going to stay where I am because the Clearfog isn't going to do anything better than what I currently use the 3200acm for.


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