Cisco RV180W support

Has anybody NOT been able to get OpenWrt on a Cisco RV180W? I will try myself later but want to avoid bricking the thing if that is a possibility. This will be my first OpenWrt install.

I don't think that particular device is supported. I would suggest for you to rather try with a supported device instead.

Support for the Cavium Econa ( cns3xxx) was dropped as nobody stepped up to provide the patches necessary to migrate from the 4.19 to the 5.4 kernel. Even before it was dropped it only supported the Gateworks Laguna boards. Adding additional boards would be a chore as the platform has never been updated to use DTS.

Do you mean this build will not work?

Those builds are for the Laguna boards (it is in the filename). If you flash that to your Cisco device, you will almost certainly brick it.

Ok. Thanks!