Cisco Meraki MR33 and 23.05.x

Is the Meraki MR33 compatible with 23.05.x

There is a cryptic message on the 23.05 release notes saying:

  • ipq40xx EA6350v3, EA8300 and MR8300 require tweak to the U-Boot environment on update from 22.03 to 23.05. Refer to the Device wiki or the instruction on sysupgrade on how to do this change. Config needs to be reset on sysupgrade.

But I can't find any information on the wiki page for the MR33 which is very out of date or in the forums on what needs to be done with the U-Boot environment. We have 5 of these providing service across a large multi level space all running 22.03.4 and don;t want to risk bricking any of them.

Can anyone provide any advice on upgrading these units to the latest release.


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Poking @Leo-PL

But @sparticle stay away at present as I'm looking for the fix commit

Re-enable here;a=commit;h=f1c80445bd7e3b2f7fc3e4c8136402b30834d4e9

After this:;a=commit;h=9e9dc1890c6f58d858208136ecfa435445dfca09

Unclear if anything needs changing.

@hecatae Thank you for the reply.

So am I right in assuming that the 23.05.x images are a no no for the MR33 presently?

I don't have the ability to disassemble these devices. All we have done is simply upgrade them using the sysupgrade images.

Is there a thread to watch to see when there is a reliable sysupgrade path?

The device page states that 23.05.0 is supported, but it seems anyone using that image is likely to end up with a bricked device!


I'd call it a grey area, ideally you would install auc and do auc etc, but I see switched from SWCONFIG to DSA and other stuff mentioned in the commits that could properly break networking.

22.03.6 is available

@hecatae Yes thank I did the upgrade on the MR33 to 22.03.6

Just another question. I have 1 MR52 that was running 23.05.0 I just upgraded to 23.05.3 and now I have no DNS resolution. Config look the same. But I cannot refresh the software lists or lookup anything. It's like there is no resolver listening locally or forwarding queries to the LAN DNS server.

Would you have any idea where to start fixing this and right now we have no service for devices from that unit. They are all configured as simply AP's where all DNS is from our main lan DNS server.


I'd open a new topic for your mr52.

Any chance you can post the configuration for one of the mr33s, as you don't have the chance to open a unit, I'd like to know if anything might cause a problem.

This was backported 8 months ago: and I got the devices working with already. This was the first build of 23.05 I ran on production environment.

@sparticle you'll have to update network config due to changed primary interface name from eth0 to lan1, due to DSA - so I don't recommend field update with unmodified config. Sysupgrade will warn about this.

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@Leo-PL Are you saying that I can simply sysupgrade from 22.03.6 to 23.05.3 on the MR33?

Maybe reset config to defaults and reconfig for my network?


Yeah, you can, but forcing to use old config (only /etc/config/network needs tweaking and then setting compat_version in /etc/config/system), will break stuff and force you to run in failsafe mode. So don't upgrade unless you have physical access to press the reset button, just in case.


Just so I am clear, if I upgrade the unit to 23.05.3 and don't keep the config so it is in a default config state when booted back up all is fine and I don't need to hack anything?

If there are changes needed in the configs can you document what they are. I will flash this connected directly to a laptop for the initial config.


I already posted that before, due to DSA migration the primary network interface was renamed from eth0 to lan1.

Ah I see so the config would say eth0 an din needs changing to lan 1.

Got it.



I need a little help here. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest 23.05.3 and it boots. But I have no network access from the device.

I can connect to it (ssh, web) on it's lan port. But from the device I cannot connect to the lan or update the software etc.

I upgraded to default config. There is no interface called lan1 only eth0!

What is it I need to change as right now there is no network access from within the device. No DNS resolver I cannot ping anything on the local network or the gateway.

Any help appreciated.


No surprise as the device itself acts as DHCP server by default and knows nothing about your network, until you switch your LAN interface type from static to DHCP or whatnot and tell it how to reach rest of the network.

Just checked on my device, look for "lan" device which is your external connection, not "lan1". It will be child interface of eth0.

@Leo-PL Not sure I understand you. All of our AP's have static lan configs. The only DHCP is upstream to provide DHCP to wireless clients.

DHCP is set to be ignored on the lan interface.

I can assure you the lan config is correctly configured as a static config. \I can connect into the device from ssh and web but not out from the device. I have not even configured wireless yet.

Just the ethernet connection. Via the br-lan config. The bridge ports section shows only lan is connected to the bridge. eth0 shows up in the list as Ethernet Switch 'eth0'

Which is precisely the case it doesn't work. If you set the address statically, you have to configure the default route and DNSes by hand as well.

Again this is totally expected, wireless will appear there once you configure and enable it.

This is basic stuff.

I have the static IP, netmas, gateway and broadcast addresses set. I have a custom DNS set in the advanced settings tab and I have Ignore interface set in the DHCP tab.

So I have a simple static config set on the br-lan interface. DHCP disabled.

looking at the /etc/config/network file all looks perfect. Teh default router look fine and matches all of the other AP's on the same network.

But networking does work not from the device. I can connect to it on the correct static IP. But not out from it.

BTW this is exactly the same issue on the MR52. I cannot get any network access from the device. I can connect to it but cannot update software or ping local network connections from it once upgraded to 23.05.3

Okay then, please post your /etc/config/network, because something seems off for me.

Me too!

I have just tested it using DHCP as the protocol on the br-lan interface. It works!

But if I configure a static IP on the br-lan interface it does not.