Circular dependency - help needed

The package I'm trying to update generates a circular dependency. I'm unable to solve it. Please help.

These are the important parts of the config:

define Package/tvheadend
  bool "CSA decoding"
  select PACKAGE_libdvbcsa

tmp/ (generated):
        config PACKAGE_tvheadend
                tristate "tvheadend................... Tvheadend is a TV streaming server for Linux"
                default y if DEFAULT_tvheadend
                default m if ALL
                select PACKAGE_libavahi-client if TVHEADEND_AVAHI_SUPPORT
                select PACKAGE_librt
                select PACKAGE_libdvbcsa if TVHEADEND_CSA
why? ==>        depends on !(TVHEADEND_CSA) || BUILD_PATENTED
                select PACKAGE_libffi
                select PACKAGE_libopenssl if TVHEADEND_SSL
                select PACKAGE_zlib
                select PACKAGE_libpcre2 if TVHEADEND_REGEX_PCRE2
                select PACKAGE_libpthread if USE_GLIBC
                select PACKAGE_libiconv-full if BUILD_NLS
                select PACKAGE_libc
                select PACKAGE_librt if USE_GLIBC
                select PACKAGE_libpcre if TVHEADEND_REGEX_PCRE

CSA decoding feature needs libdvbcsa, which depends on BUILD_PATENTED.
How can I write this without causing a circular dependency?

I also tried this, but the error remains:
  bool "CSA decoding"
  depends on PACKAGE_libdvbcsa