Chromecast / raumfeld setup

Dear fellow network Nerds,

just installed OpenWRT on a PC Engines APU.2E3 as an replacement for our old wifi router - what a nice experience! Almost everything's working perfectly out of the box.

But now I'm stuck with this "modern" streaming stuff. After switching to the new router, chromecast and raumfeld devices won't connect to our wifi. Unfortunately raumfeld setup reports no error and chromecast stops with "could not connect to wifi 'XXXX' check name and password". And, yes, I've checked it twice.

What I've learned so far:

  • uPnP is needed, so I installed and activated miniupnpd (checked if firewall rules are present)
  • mulitcast DNS is needed, so I installed igmpproxy and mdnsd (no idea what it exaclty is, but if someone on the internet says 'install it!' I obey...)

Other questions here target more complicated issues on different networks but I'm realy stuck at the beginning: one wifi router, standard lan with an downloaded 19.07.2 openwrt image - kind of "out of the box".

Any hints, what I'm missing?


PS: just figured out, that my old router runs an customized openwrt barrier breaker from 2014, so I will have an deeper look on its config files. After all, its an upnp or firewall issue, I guess.

Hi folks,
three days later... it was a little bit tricky to play with our wifi setup while the whole family was yelling.

I've disabled the second SSID and everything was ok. In a few weeks I'll start the next test session with two SSIDs and a more sophisticated setup. For now everyone is happy to watch this spotflix thing...


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