Chromecast Google TV does not work well with wpa2/wpa3 security

I have installed OpenWrt on a Linksys E8450 using the latest images from dangowrt's github page. Almost everything works wonderfully well.

I narrowed it down significantly:

  • My radios were configured to use wpa2/wpa3
  • A fresh setup of my google tv connects properly to it
  • anything that disconnects the wifi (router reboot, chromecast reboot) results in the device not being able to reconnect to the router
  • Switching to wpa/wpa2 had the device reconnecting instantly.

Anyone else has seen problems with wpa2/wpa3 configuration with Chromecast Google TV ?


Unfortunately Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t support WPA3.
Just use WPA2

Thanks for the answer. I wonder why it allowed me to set it up properly though.

No idea.
It really shouldn't have problem with mixed mode but who knows what Google did to their WiFi

I use one of these. As far as I'm concerned, wireless is for portable devices. Fixed devices get ethernet. What's the point of wasting RF bandwidth on something that stays put?

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You can't expect everyone to spend extra 20 bucks.

Quite a few client devices don't work in WPA2/ WPA3 mixed mode, while they do work in either pure WPA2 or pure WPA3 mode. This is a client bug unfixable from the AP side, but that doesn't help proliferation of WPA3…

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The problem is not that the wifi is hard to reach, which (could) justify the ethernet wiring.
It's a protocol issue that Google should address, so I'll submit a ticket.
In the meantime, WPA2 it is!

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