Choosing between Asus RT-AX53U, Cudy X6 and Belkin RT3200

Hello everyone,
I'm torn between those three routers in the topic title - first 3 positions from:

I already bought Belkin RT3200 (supposedly identical hardware as Linksys E8450) when I realized it does not support AX on 2.4GHz band. (I thought that was one of the traits of AX, simultaneous usage of both bands). What do you think about this, can this be an issue?

I need to decide between Asus RT-AX53U, Cudy X6 and Belkin RT3200. Which one of those 3 would you choose?

I'd like to pair it with TP-Link Archer C6 v3.2 as a second AP (on the upper floor)
Can different wifi standards cause issues here (AC vs AX)?

I prefer to make sure 5 GHz coverage is sufficient so I don't need to enable 2,4 GHz, but that is largely a personal preference - apart from the latter being too crowded anyway. Some IoT stuff might probably need it, but that depends on whether you got that stuff in the first place of course.

You shouldn't worry about AC and AX, there should be backward compatibility and coexistence in the standard, just like with N.

Stuff like BSS colouring might be helpful in crowded networks though but that's AX only.

Thank you for advice! And which out of those three would you choose? Maybe, as an actual router I should take that Belkin (as it's supposedly fastest), and let fast roaming do the job?

As router, the rt3200 will be much better - in the very targetted AP use case, the ax53u/ x6 may play their cards on 2.4 GHz (however only with 2.4 GHz 802.11ax clients - and if not using DBDC, which drops you down to 2x2+2x2); all the typical 2.4 GHz mentioned by Borromini apply (and especially IoT devices are usually 802.11n at best, if at all).

[Enter Scene] Filogic 830

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Hmm, Filogic 830 you say...?

Something like this?

How's the support for that in OpenWRT? (Looks very nice, a bit of DIY involved, but nothing troublesome)

Support for that SoC is still very young AFAIK. Slh is always looking forward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

The RT3200 has indeed the most powerful SoC in your list of devices, so the best for routing. You can wait for better stuff

Guilty as charged :wink:
...although there already is early OpenWrt support in master for the BPi r3 - but with case, PSU, 8 pigtails and 8 antennas, the price almost doubles. Great devboard, a lot of potential, but in the end just too expensive and cumbersome (getting good pigtails and 5/ 6 GHz antennas in single digit quantities without the ability to measure their performance and testing against other alternatives is not easy).

redmi ax6s might become another option (might).

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Similar product with USB

Also KuWfi Tenbay T-mb5eu-v01

These MT7621 based ax routers depend on very tight firmware optimization to work with such a weak CPU. In more general applications of OpenWrt, the MT7621 won't have the horsepower to push triple digit speeds that ax is capable of. The MT7622 is a lot more CPU.

True but it's one of most supported platforms of OpenWRT. I'm rocking MR1800X (MR70X) mt7621da +7915d on OpenWrt since 11.2021 .It can reach 150Mbit with SQM and 1/1Gbit with hardware offload . And with price <$30 USD in my local currency You can't beat that

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All right, let's say I'll leave Belkin RT3200 as router, and use fast roaming - considering then Asus RT-AX53 or Cudy X6 as "dumb APs".

Do you guys know which one of those would be better choice?
My criterias would be:

  • which is less problematic
  • which has higher antenna gain / more range
  • is it better to have two radios in Asus or one like in Cudy?
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If you need more power on the router side, is RPi4 an option?