Choice of minipc x86 intel

Hi everyone, I have a FTTH 1gb/s connection and 300mb/s up. PPPoE and vlan 835 and I can switch to 2.5 gb/s down and 500 mb/s up so I'm looking for a mini PC to manage my network. The mini PC will be connected to the ONT via PPPoE.
I need to use the original Openwrt software and not nss etc... so it must have an excellent processor, because I will have to use Sqm cake and to give priority I will use dscp and also ECN to make it communicate well with my gaming PC.
I found this what do you think

I think I can also request to receive it already with openwrt. N100 I've seen that it manages to maintain SQM at 1600 mb/s so at 900 mb/s as I need it won't be a problem

so far I use xr500 with nss but smq is not so good and I can't use dscp or even ECN and it's a problem so I want the official Openwrt software

I'm using such mini PC as main router (older model though). I'ts pretty satisfaying. some basic advices:

  • don't install too much RAM. With basic tasks, it only uses 100MB.
  • same for the SSD, if you intend only to boot OpenWrt.

Goal is to not waste money for large RAM or SSD which will not be used fully. May be you can consider use some spare parts for this.

  • use a separate AP for wifi if you need one. Inner wifi card for such PC heats a lot.

Same model cheaper here

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I had a similar thread the last days: Intel x86 n100/n200/n300 mini device recommendations

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8 or 16 GB RAM would be useful if you ever wanted to run a VM on top of OpenWrt. This lets you consolidate other household servers into the same CPU saving electricity.

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Well, thats true but, if you want a media server/nas or something like that, you can buy whatever you want. Config is hard but i have installed a VM with OpenWRT and left the mini-pc as a media server.

Its an option if you want to consider it

It's best to decouple your main router / network appliance from other kinds of tasks. It makes sense perhaps to run an adblocking DNS server or something as a container on your router, but application servers not directly coupled to low-level network infrastructure should really be on separate hardware.


Can't tell better than @Cheddoleum's answer. :slight_smile:

Well, i meant all local. Anything exposed to internet. But yes, you are right.

Anyways, i can recommend you this:

-26 % off 16ram / 512ssd with the same price of 8/256

You can frequently find these on Amazon as generic branded T8Plus (at least on as Used - Like New at a hefty markdown. Main issue I have is the difference in the power specs. 16Watts for the N95 vs 6Watts for the N100.

But, used as a router, the maximum draw is really negligable.

thanks for the advice but it only has two 1gb/s ethernet ports (I need at least 3 2.5gb ports) and the processor is not n100 and doesn't even have ddr5