Chk images rejected by factory firmware (Netgear r8000, possibly other models) Patch in bug report

After a few days of stumbling around, I've identified and created a patch to the mkchkimg.c file that solves my issue with installing on a fresh from the box Netgear (r8000) Nighthawk X6.

The 'reserved' bytes are a build-stamp which encodes the version of the firmware. OpenWRT's values for these bytes appear to be too low and the .chk files are thus rejected by higher-versioned factory firmware.

My patch is to set these to a decimal of which worked for me on my device allowing installation via the factory firmware's standard upgrade management page.


just ran across your post in the bug tracker and notice no one has responded yet , so thought I'd say job well done!

I'm getting nuts about this issue. I just bought an R8000 on Amazon and can't upload openwrt because of this new firmware check. Openrouter my ass !

Is this patch beeing implemented in OpenWRT soon ?