Cheapest WiFI 6 router

Here is the cheapest WiFi 6 router

Price: $29.99, 40% off
-$6.00, 20% coupon
Tax $1.86
Total: $25.85

Based on MediaTek chipset, FCC page

Not in the TOH ?

The SoC isn't supported in OpenWrt.
"ZTE ZX279128R ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core, 1GHz"
The cheapest WiFi 6 router is still Asus RT-AX1800U which is RT-AX53U under a different name, and might be cheaper in some places.


Bellini RT1800 might be an option.

If u r luckly enough u might find a seound hand ax1800HP for 180HKD (22.94USD)

None of the RT-AX54 clones are sold here yet.
RT-AX1800U is the cheapest.