Cheapest router to use an existing 5GHz Wifi over ethernet


So, What I am trying to do here is a bit weird but simple.

My TV doesn't supports 5Ghz wifi but has an ethernet port. Streaming anything from my phone/iPad to it is a painful experience. I have cheap/fast/unlimited 4G LTE connection on my phone which I use on everything, My Laptop/TV etc.

My Phone creates a 5GHz hotspot and I want to use this connection on my TV.

So, My questions are,

  1. Can I extend a wifi network over to ethernet? I'll connect the router to my phone's hotspot and connect the TV to router using ethernet cables.

  2. If the answer to question 1 is yes, What is the cheapest router I can get that'll allow me to do this?

Country: India

For same situation here i'm using TP-Link Archer C20 v4 and C20i v1.

Since mine IPTV have only Ethernet port and router is on different room i'm extending wireless network and connect IPTV box on 2nd router that is configured as Wireless Extender.

Hi! Thank you so much for responding!

I'll be purchasing a C20 or C6 soon.

I had also asked this question on IRC and someone pointed me to this. So, I'll try it out once I decide what router to get and ask again if there are any other issues.

Thanks Again!

Check out the GL.iNet product line also, they have some very affordable units that serve this purpose. Bonus is they are small and very well supported by OpenWRT (stock firmware on most units IS OpenWRT with GL's GUI layed on top).

If a phone / service has wifi hotspot it likely also supports USB tether. That would be the fastest and most reliable, no wireless at all. Any OpenWrt router with a USB port could be used.