Cheap wired only device for 1Gbps/100Mbps SQM

I'd like to solve my bufferbloat issues. Already have 2 Mi Wifi 3g running openwrt (1 router, 1 AP) - but I cannot do more than 90mbps SQM with it.

I thought of using these as APs only and introducing a wired only device for WAN->LAN. I want to SQM a 1Gbps/100Mbps connection.

Thought of using Raspberry Pi4. Is that a good route or would you suggest something else?

Rpi4 is the best bang for buck in the sqm business

Can archer C7 V5 do sqm at 150Mbps DL &75Mbps UL?

You should open a different topic with this question

Thx. I'm going to try RPi4.