Cheap WiFi router exclusively for SQM at 100MB/s VDSL


I am a cloud gamer, playing on GeForce NOW. I am looking for a cheap WiFi router exclusively for SQM at 100MB/s VDSL connection. I will bridge my TP-Link VR400 v2 to it.

Are Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350 or 4A Gigabit edition any good for this purpose?


Just as a point of reference, ipq8065 can do SQM up to ~190 MBit/s (and plain routing without SQM up to ~600-650 MBit/s), so much for your definition of 'cheap'. Anything semi recent can route 100 MBit/s without breaking into sweat, but SQM is CPU intensive.

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MT7621AT SoC will handle 100 Mbps SQM (CAKE), and 200's Mbps SQM with fq_codel/simple.qos (using irqbalance and packet steering). There are many cheap all-in-ones based on this SoC.


fwiw, test results from a recent test I conducted on my Xiaomi 4A Giga, WAN to ethernet LAN (not wifi). SQM using Cake.



Between your two choices, I'd pick the Xiaomi 4A Gigabit edition, because it has a 2 core / 4 thread 880 MHz MT7621 CPU. It will be faster, even on single threaded loads (I'm looking at you CAKE!). If you drop back to fq_codel/simple.qos for SQM and install irqbalance, SQM will spread a bit across all 4 threads, which gives a nice SQM throughput boost, helped also by fq_codel being less CPU intensive to begin with.

The Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350 will be less capable. It has to handle everything at once on its single (and slower) 775 MHz QCA9563 CPU core.

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Sorry, I am still a newbie. Is that Qualcomm or Broadcom?

Could you name a few please?

Actually these two are the cheapest ones I came up with in a quick search. I can go with 4A but do you have any other recommendations? Thanks!

ipq8065 is a qualcom. Broadcom anything is generally not going to be well supported by OpenWrt.

Any ipq806x target will have more CPU for SQM than a MT7621AT device, but since you asked for cheap and indicated you don't need to handle more than 100 Mbps SQM anyway...the 4A will take care of you fine. If you don't see faster ISP service than 100-200 Mbps VDSL in your near future, the 4A seems like a really good choice.

If you are willing to look for a used device on ebay or such, for the cost of a new 4A (~$50), you can find a used ipq806x device. I'm fond of EA8500's due to their low cost (~$40-$50 used on ebay) and respectable performance, but you'll need a USB to serial dongle to flash it (~$10 more if you don't have one already) and you'll need to open the case (a little challenging) and hope it has a serial header inside (so you don't have to solder wires to it) - so a little more risk taking this route. But it would be a step up from a 4A if everything works out, for about the same cost.

If you start getting to the $100 price point, a new Belkin RT3200 starts to look compelling. This would handle more SQM than an ipq806x device, so even more future proofing.


Appreciate your interest and time!

Actually a brand new 4A Gigabit is just around $20 in my country right now and I placed order for one with peace in mind.

Thank you.

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