Cheap VPN/UMTS-Router with IPsec


I am looking for an affordable industry M2M LTE/UMTS router with IPsec support and OpenWRT.
Until now, I use the "LR77-v2" from Lucom (not with OpenWRT), but it is too expensive for a product, which costs only 3000€. I have found this:

But I think it would be even cheaper with less equipment.

Any ideas?

M2M devices are niche, and expensive, unfortunately.

I ended up going for a Netgear LB2120 with a TP-Link TL-WR810N (which has OpenWRT and VPN support).

Hi iplaywithtoys,

yes, the TP-Link TL-WR810N is great (why is it no longer produced?!?), i also own one. But i need something with LTE/UMTS.

The Netgear LB2120 has LTE. It does the LTE/Ethernet bridge, and the TL-WR810N provides the VPN.

It means using two boxes instead of one, but it achieves the desired result for a lot less than €300.

You might also want to consider an approach like a PC Engines APU3C4 (the "3" variant is tailored to support of LTE modems with dual-SIM support and more robust mounting of mPCIe cards) and a mPCIe modem from a reputable vendor. With, for example, a new Sierra Wireless modem from a mainstream, commercial supplier (Future Electronics, Digikey, ...), a 16 GB mSATA drive, pigtails, power supply, and case, single-unit pricing is around US $300-350.

After reading Mullvad VPN review there: I have Started using Mullvad, it's not that bad and price also not expensive.

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Just for information: a much better router as the TL-WR810N is the available GL-AR150.

Thank you all for infos.