Cheap router with detachable antenna


I am searching for a router that supports OpenWRT, is cheap and has detachable antennas so I can connect my directional antenna to it.
I tried searching for days but I couldn't find any, that are available and cheap.
Something like this for example. It is cheap, supports OpenWRT, detachable antenna but is out of stock sadly.
Does anyone know a device like this? very please


Define cheap.

I think 30 usd max

And the antenna is made for AC or N?

The one I plan to use in this case is N

The GL-AR150 is available on Amazon though.

Most routers have their antennas internally connected with a u.Fl - connector anyways, so you could grab almost any OpenWrt-supported router, buy a couple of u.Fl-to-RP-SMA cables, open the router up and replace the antennas with those cables and your own antennas.

It won't look pretty, but it's up to you how much you care about such.

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I'd use a CPE such as the Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 / M2 loco or TP-Link CPE210 / CPE220. These will outperform what you propose since they have 2x2 MIMO on the directional antenna, an outdoor case, and PoE provisions. The 220 can be bought for $40, the Ubiquiti is higher.

Check out the WAC104, currently on sale at Amazon for $20.

Check the ZBT WE826-T, from alibaba.

For <= $30?

Yes. A few bucks more, may be, depending upon VAT, shipping, customs, in case you want to count the beans.

For a few dollars more than the AR150 you can get the AR300, which is in stock.

There is a wall mount available too. These things are pretty light, so you can use Velcro too.

Seems like you want to connect one single antenna. The best driver in general is ath9k. The atheros chipsets build in those devices use ath9k:
You can get the devices for about 5$ used.
For openwrt you either install the 18.06(no security updates) release linked in the wiki, install 19.07.10(including latest security fixes ) or the latest 21.02.3(including latest security fixes) from here or if you want something custom build your own image from source.

Recommending or using a router or AP without current (and ongoing) security support (be it OEM or OpenWrt) is irresponsible and should never be considered. Even free is too much for those devices, which are more of a liability than help. Especially considering that devices meeting and exceeding minimum system specifications aren't necessarily more expensive on the used markets.

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I added the information to the post before that 18.06 does not include any recent security updates.
21.02 is getting current and ongoing security support. 19.07.10 have also security updates. What are you exactly talking about?