Cheap (<100€) router with good wifi coverage


I am searching for a relatively cheap wireless router (<100€) with a good signal coverage and support for openwrt obviously :wink:

I don't need much routing performance or SQM but the wireless performance should be good enough to stream high bitrate 1080p/4K content across one floor in the house. This means it has to support AC (wifi 5). It doesn't need to have a modem.
I live in central Europe, so I would prefer to order it from either or some other "local" online store.

I already did look around the hardware list in the wiki and came across two devices that at least seem to provide what I am looking for:

Are there any other devices that I might have overlooked?
Are those devices even capable of what I am asking?

Thanks in advance!

2.4Ghz has better signal coverage while 5Ghz, within its range is faster. For your needs 11n should provide adequate bandwidth:

If you are going to buy and want to future proof your device, there are some high performance bargains out there.

It is highly likely that it will show up in the next release.

Toward the end of the thread, an exploit was found that allows OpenWrt installation without opening the case. In the US, these are available for < $35USD.

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Look into the ipq40xx based devices, e.g. the AVM Fritz!Box 4040.

Sorry I forgot to mention that I need the standard 4 LAN Ports, I guess buying a switch would be an option but then the mi router would not be cheaper anymore than other devices that do not require that level of tinkering to get openwrt running.

The Asus I mentioned would be such a device, but as I saw on other replies regarding that model, I guess I dont want to give Asus money for crippling the device with that low amount of RAM.

I could get the mentioned fritzbox but I am a little concerned about the range because it only has internal antennas. I don't know if this is something to be concerned about?

The other one I looked at was the Linksys e6350v3 but it seems a little expensive (I could get it for about 100€) compared to the other mentioned devices.

How would a "classic" Archer C7 compare to these more modern devices? Those are still around and cost about 70€.

There are a number of devices that are manufactured by ZBT in China that are rebranded. These come with an older version of OpenWRT/LEDE and should capable of flashing to a more recent release. Unfortunately, you would be the trailblazer and would likely have to spend time with the Development documentation to build firmware with the SDK.

Here are several example device with the well supported MT7621 chipset:

The last one is available in the States, without the 4G sim card modem, for ~$36USD.

A TP-Link with a current OpenWRT EU build but only a TFTP flash

There is an unofficial OpenWRT build for this one but there seem to be some egos involved as far as a commit.