Channels above 48 not usable for Netgear WAX206

Then when the device was tested for compliance they had the highest allowable ERP.

I also think your router does beam forming. Why are you trying to push so much power?
Is it not reaching your entire domicile?

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Did you count (subtract) your antenna gain from that expectation?

ERP - correct! :+1:

Some people think they will get these "raw power numbers". Let me be clear, 30 dBm is 1 Watt (1000 mW). So, one would be illegally transmitting overpower if they were able to set to 30.

Perhaps I misunderstand the OP's issue.

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It reached almost everywhere, on the balcony the signal is not the best, since there are the main walls of the skyscrapers. I wanted to try to get good signal also there.

Do a speed test ( is popular) on the balcony and see if what you think is not the best makes a difference in what you would use it for out there.

I'm betting it is fine, but I've been wrong before.

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Also try re-orienting your device if it's near a wall.


  • Turn perpendicular to wall
  • Turn parallel
  • Turn 45 degree angle to wall
  • Turn upside-down
  • Try to move away from wall

Try a combination of above. I had such an issue in a open room before with a WAX202:

Not many people understand all photons are polarized.

I do expect that the antennas are dipoles and that they are already optimized for having the router to stand vertically... or am I expecting too much? :slight_smile:

Maybe presuming, you can expect a lot.

But if your router is not beam forming with its 4 antenna it could help.

What a normal antenna pattern looks like; note there is a null zone directly above and below.

It is, in 3d, much like a doughnut.

:spiral_notepad: And it is polarized.