Channels above 48 not usable for Netgear WAX206

There is only one country setting you should 'try', the one for the country you're currently residing in. Regulations are there for a reason, and messing with it will negatively affect yourself and your neighbours (whose devices won't get a conclusive reading of the region anymore, reducing their set of available channels). Especially Canada is known to be rather picky about regulatory compliance, so don't play silly games, the regulatory bodies come with fines well into the 5 figure range (and more, should they deem that necessary).


Legally I have all the rights to use all the channels, way above the 48, I have verified already well before opening the thread.

My question is not from a legal stand point, but rather from a technical stand point, however, from what I get, it's a matter of driver maturity/defects, that will be fixed in the next releases (I hope).

FWIW, your router have more or less the same hardware as the Linksys E8450/Belkin RT3200. SNAPSHOT works a lot better on that device for me, so you might want to try that. I can confirm that channels above 48 works there.

Additionally, you should post your system log here, as there might be clues to why your wifi isn't working.

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I tried multiple countries... in the end with Chile/Equador/Panama I finally have been able to get 160MHz working at channel 100 with 29 dBm of power in ax.

There is no-one around me with such configuration, so my devices are the only ones.

As per what I got, the 3rd group of frequencies (above 155 channel?) shall have even a higher power usable, but I can't get more than 29 dBm.

Out of curiosity: how do I install/enable SNAPSHOT?

Luckly I live very high (above 80th floor) and there are no too many wifi around here...

SNAPSHOT is the pre-release of the next OpenWrt. You can grab a build by setting the version in here to SNAPSHOT:

Note that you might want to customize the package list and add luci since SNAPSHOT builds don't have it by default.

Can I keep updating the version by updating the packages or every time I shall install a new "snapshot"?

How much power is that pushing in mW?

You should install a new snapshot. Luckily luci-app-attendedsysupgrade makes this a trivial two-click process.

thank you very much, i will try it tomorrow

794 mW

The OP won't get much more power.


Although while not an option to get 31dBm I am reporting it by selecting 'driver default'.
Have no idea why.

I tried selecting "driver default" but it sets always to 29.

Mode: Master | SSID: <edit>
BSSID: <edit>
Encryption: WPA3 SAE (CCMP)
Channel: 100 (5.500 GHz)
Tx-Power: 29 dBm
Signal: -60 dBm | Noise: 0 dBm
Bitrate: 682.1 Mbit/s | Country: PA

You're using 160MHz band, correct?

Then 30dBm is your upper limit per regulation:

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I am using 160.. so shall I be able to set up to 30?

Well, if your country code was set to Canada you can push 4 watts on frequency 161 if you were using it outdoors with a flat antenna or yagi for point to point. Canada does not have a channel 160 (the closest block is 161) so I doubt much is going to connect to it.

The real stat you need to worry about is the effective radiated power which is 1 watt.
Different antennas are more or less efficient and if it is a very efficient antenna 1 watt can get above legal. But I doubt anyone has ever gotten in trouble using a better antenna.

I am trying different channels... PA is the best one so far.

I am indoor, no antennas.

You just cannot see them; I think you have 4 that are 2.4 and 5 compatible.

I mean, I don't have externa antennas like a Yagi, only the ones that come inside the router.

Those antennas I mentioned are for specific, directional, transmissions and receiving.

Exactly, I don't use any specific or directional antennas. No mod done to the router to connect any other antenna.