Changing WAN port to LAN

I have a RavPower Filehub RP-WD009 and a NEWQ branded version of the same travel router. I want to use it to provide a wireless connection to a DECT IP phone(Yealink W60B) base that only uses an ethernet port for internet(no wifi).

I set the router as a wireless bridge, and my wifi-enabled devices can use the bridge perfectly. However, when I plug the ip phone base into the ethernet port, the wd009 automatically drops the internet connection from my home router and tries to connect via WAN. I can't change the port usage in the native web app, so I'm looking for another solution.

Is there a way to change the usage of the WAN port into LAN so I can use the travel router as a wireless extender for the phone base?

I have used a Cudy router as a wireless extender for this purpose, but I need an internal battery on the router(not many options).

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just look at the ports and move it to lan.

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something like Step 1 in


Thank you for your replies. I tried to install openwrt on the wd009, but it seems to have bricked the device. It no longer broadcasts the wifi signal, but the 5G button remains lit.

I got to the firmware upgrade page and tried each of the .bin files, but it doesnt seem to accept the update.

When I tried the kernel.bin, it never reset and the globe button just stayed lit. What am i doing wrong?

Im new to openwrt, so please forgive me lol