Changing backoff timer

Is there a way to modify the backoff timer on wifi?

I thought this was actually a hardcoded algorithm (in hardware). If not, it would require compiling a non-standard wireless package or driver.

What are you attempting to accomplish?

Some problems that can be fixed with a backoff reprogram should otherwise be solvable with other available wireless settings (distance, fragmentation, CTS/RTS, DTIM, Beacon, Low ACK disassociate, etc.)

I am trying to control the Wi-Fi collision with different RF technologies, e.g. LTE, Bluetooth, etc. in conductive setup.

Are (distance, fragmentation, CTS/RTS, DTIM, Beacon, Low ACK disassociate, etc.) configurable in a LEDE system?

Which wireless package is easier to work and modify? With easy-to-find driver?

Whoa...LTE is not on the same frequency...and Bluetooth and WiFi are not in they cannot gracefully time collisions between one another. I should also be clear, the issue between Bluetooth and WiFi is INTERFERENCE-based not COLLISION-based.

Yes, that's why I noted it to you.

I don't understand this question. In OpenWrt, the relevant package is usually included in the firmware by default. wpad-mini is installed by default in most OpenWrt routers. Configs are done via the Unified Command Interface (UCI), so it doesn't matter what UCI-enabled package you install.

I don't understand this question. You can only use drivers that are available. I personally believe that the ath9k driver is the most common and Openly Supported WiFi chip in the community.