Changed LAN IP. Now unable to connect to router

Hey guys,

I just changed the setting at from static to something else.

Now I cannot connect to or ping the router.

I am using a RE450 TP-Link Router.

Should I factory reset?

I bricked my last one so although I think this is the right method just want to make sure.

Does factory reset work even after I have installed LEDE?

Try failsafe. Unless you added custom firewall rules (or equivalent changes hardcoding IPs), switching to a different IP address for the LEDE router is safe (and usually only changes a single place, the lan interface in /etc/config/network).

Hey slh,

Thanks for the reply.

I didn't mess around with the firewall settings at all.

I am able to trigger failsafe mode. I know this because the it starts blinking rapidly with a 0.05 second gap once its triggered.

However, I still cannot ping after it was triggered? Please advice next steps.

Re-check the configuration (IP) of your client, in many cases rebooting the router (which resets the switch) can deconfigure your client's network interface.

Thanks. I got into it.

I am sshed into it right now.

How can I go about changing the lan ip back to normal?

Did mount_root

Performed command umount /overlay && firstboot && reboot

Yay! Back into my router now.

Thanks man slh! :slight_smile:

Starting to realize this is a real learning process.

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A rule-of-thumb for the future, just remember, you cannot connect via the same IP or to interfaces you attempt to edit, remove or change the firewall rules (to 'drop' or 'reject') on.

Also, by default on most devices, LEDE is setup as a bridge on LAN that connects to WiFi (radio0/radio1) and VLAN1. VLAN1 is then assigned to the 4 LAN ports. WAN is usually VLAN2 and attached to the "5th" [WAN] port on your device. So, be careful about renumbering or changing the protocol of the LAN.

You can renumber the LAN, just be aware that your router will be INSTANTLY available on the new IP as soon as you hit "Save and Apply..." and you'll likely have to force your client to do a DHCP renew.

I guess then I should not be messing around with the default firewall settings on the LAN interface.

Wish there were some warnings in place that popped up before you made vital changes.

It happened to me the first time too, lol...believe it or not, you're getting an Immersion Course in Basic Networking and Networking Hardware. Most high-end network devices are manually setup in this manner by command stick with it on LEDE!

And most high-end devices with GUIs tend to use the Zone-Based firewall method.

Being "locked-out" is a badge of honor in a studying Network Engineer (and sometimes, a good source of comedy)...

(also getting "locked-out" is testing proof of LEDE's default security)

Thank you man. I was really panicking when I got locked out because I previously bricked a RE450 on the same day I purchased it :stuck_out_tongue:. Luckily this forum was there to help!

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