Change "WAN" port to a secondary (non-mirrored) LAN?

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At this time, I'm wanting to convert the WAN port on the router to a secondary LAN port. I want to be able to access the Webgui and allow for traffic between the two eth ports, but for both eth ports to have seperate IP ranges. How can I do this? I'm an absolute noob to OpenWRT, never used it before (but am very familiar with PFsense, and will be using PFsense as the main network firewall + router).

The rationale for converting the WAN port to a "LAN" port is because I will be converting this router to a WAP, wireless bridge mode (using RouterD??? I'm not sure, I'll make a future post on that), and simply want access to the webgui via both eth ports.

FYI, I have already confirmed that my router has two dedicated ethernet ports (eth0, eth1; wlan0,1,2 is wireless), using the command

ls -l /sys/class/net

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It does - and it does not. It has two CPU-ports to the same switch, you can configure assignment of your ethernet ports connected to this common switch freely between them (this, up to and including 23.05.x is still swconfig based - master has switched ipq806x to DSA instead).

For further advice you'll have to clarify your intrended topology a bit more (including what's supposed to be on which ports and how that is supposed to connected into the rest of your network).


I eluded to it earlier by stating

To provide further clarification, neither port will have anything actually connected to it the majority of the time. This device will be operated in a wireless bridge mode (nothing will be connected to the eth ports a majority of the time), but I want both eth ports to behave similarly. The reason is incase one eth port decides to malfunction, I'll have the second port to use. Further, I don't want them to be "mirrored" so that if I accidentally misconfigure one port, I can still access the webgui on the other port (without having to factory reset the device).

I guess another thing that I'd like to do with the two seperate eth ports; I think one will need to have DHCP disabled (with a static IP; for the wireless bridge). It would be nice for the other eth port still have DHCP enabled still.

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Is this what you want:

  1. You can connect a PC to this WAN port and the PC is assigned an IP by the router
  2. You can visit LUCI from the PC
  3. You can visit things on LAN from this WAN port
  4. this WAN port will have a separate subnet from things on LAN