Change source and add dir

I want to change the openwrt source and add some things to it
For example, I want to change the splash page (which exists in the root time when it's built into the www directory) or add files to root and make a total change in the whole.
How and in which part of the source should I do this?

Google is your friend:

I found this, but I do not understand what is happening to my request?
I want to find and modify the files I have with root modem, like
etc / banner
etc / rc.local
sbin / reset
www / index
www / luci-static and ....
Is this the link you sent exactly where it was described?

I want to know which sections to edit the main files
These links did not show anything at all

Just do a search for them with the find command.
But it is recommended you add custom files instead and leave the defaults alone. The custom files will override the default files.

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Learning the basics of git, if you have not already, to manage your changes on your own branches, would be valuable as well.

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