Change Machine ID IPQ8074A AP.HK01

Dear All,

I'm using dev Kit AP.HK1.0 from Qualcomm. When I change Machine ID from 0x8010000 to 0x801010E (for card PCIe RDP413) in U-boot, after restart (reset command), it can't run into kernel. Now, it's stuck u-boot environment and tptf also can't work. I try to change Machine ID to 0x8010000, although command is successful but Machine ID is not changed. Anyone help me?!

I'm sure Qualcomm would be happy to ....

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What does you mean?! Throw it out?! :slight_smile: :joy:out

It means you should ask Qualcomm ...

Sure, Sir! :slight_smile: In the case, the distributor will support me but they support slowly and they also request Qualcomm. It'll takes many time. I hope anyone had face the issue and share/help me! Tks

not very likely, you're asking us about black box HW, running a black box OS/SDK ...

Dear Sir,
AP.HK01 uses IPQ8074! :slight_smile: SPF12.0 (Kernel 5.4, OpenWRT 19.01)

feel free to locate any supported HW, based on the 8074 in

For the 100th time, Qualcomm's SPF/QSDK/OEM releases are NOT OpenWrt, they merely use OpenWrt as the userspace base.

IPQ807x support is still being worked on, may I ask you where did you get the HK01 board?

Dear @robimarko ,

I buy it from distributor of QCOM

I am sure the name of that distributor is not secret

Excelpoint, Sir!