Change in mt7621 switch operation in snapshot?

Hi all

I have just updated my newifi-D2 from 19.07.6 to snapshot. I have noticed that it is not possible to access the switch anymore, rather all the port seems to get its own network physical interfaces, lan1-4 and wan

There is also an eth0 which I do not know what is about

Is there a reson or an explanation for it?

mt7621 (in master) is one of the targets using the DSA switch framework now, instead of the out-of-tree swconfig drivers before. For DSA you can use iproute2 (ip/ tc) to configure almost anything.

Okay, there is no luci support for it, right?

Did you install LuCI?

Yes, I installed LUCI, ah and there is a typo, the upgrade is from 19.07.6 of course

I don't understand...are you saying that you upgraded from 19.07.6 to snapshot?

Disregard, I see you edited the original post.

So can you show us the switch configuration page, please?

Please explain what you mean by this.

I'm not completely positive because there's not really a lot of communication about its progress, but I believe at this point there is still only a proposal for DSA support in LuCI. The Github issue isn't closed yet. Someone please CMIIW.

Yes, but that PR is in need of some love as things have changed. I tried to enumerate current possible config syntax in post.

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There is no switch luci page anymore with DSA

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No, there isn't, and probably won't ever be. Under the DSA paradigm, switches are devices (specifically "bridge devices") which means that in LuCI they would go under "Interfaces" where they would be configured like other physical and not-so-physical devices.

Thing is, DSA is really flexible. And this flexibility can get very complicated very soon. Especially since our routers have in-SoC devices, switches, wireless devices, and all of them interoperate. If you sprinkle VLANs on top it becomes a veritable nightmare to create a web interface that makes sense and does not break things left and right if used only slightly wrong. So I can really understand the trouble of creating a LuCI interface, and I don't envy the devs one bit for the task. I imagine the reason why there is not a lot of communication about DSA in LuCI is that there's a frightening amount of hair pulling going on behind the scenes.


that's not a "proposal" there is code in there and it works for ethernet, as stated by jow in the last posts he is waiting for Wireless bridge-vlan support, as that's not a luci problem

some devices are being migrated to a different switch backend, dropping the old and OpenWrt-only "swconfig" driver and adopting upstream DSA switching infrastructure.

Nobody thought that doing that without merging a luci interface to operate the new DSA switch backend would be a good idea.

Not sure why you responded to me (but I'm starting to see given all your responses to me overnight). Bless you.