Change default mac-id

How can i change default mac id in openwrt graphically

Do you mean the MAC address? If your router is DSA-based, it's Network -> Interfaces and then the tab Devices. Click "Configure..." for your interface.

Mine is mi 4a gigbit and now i am looking forward to chnage another router to that tplink c6

Here is a example see there is a option called mac-address and i need to set it to one that was initially binded to. Usually when they give connection they bind that mac with your static ip so you can't use other devices with out chnageing there mac to that initial mac id that has been registered. Else i have to call them and ask them to change default mac to another one and then it will work so i ususally don't do that and keep that initial mac and change the default to that one.
It have so many options confusing but i like options but it will take some time to get used to.

Yes, and I told you where to do that.


FYI, this information is in the Wiki, also, there's a few threads on this topic.

You might wish to search before making a post.

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