Ceiling Mounted Access Points - Recommendations please

Hello all

We have been using Ubiquiti UAPs for a few years with OpenWRT and now LEDE.
However, we have found that Ubiquiti are starting to introduce Firmware images
that have RSA signatures and so block the installation of Third Party Firmware.
This is also happening at TP-Link with their competitor to the Ubiquiti UAP, the EAP
range. So we are looking at using something else that will work with OpenWRT / LEDE.

Does anyone have any recommendations on Ceiling Mounted Access Points?

Thanks, Richard.

Hi, are you sure they are implementing restrictions? I have a Ubiquiti AP AC Pro that was running the latest Unifi firmware 3.8.3 last week before I finally got tired of their roller coaster QC. I compiled from trunk for the UNIFI AC PRO target and flashed it.
I didn't encounter any difficulties. Now it's providing superior throughput and latency performance compared to the factory firmware. And now I get MAC address filtering, something people on the ubnt forums have been asking for years to have.

For flashing, I used the method detailed at:


Using the mtd command I flashed kernel0 but it rebooted to factory ubnt firmware, so as the article suggested I then flashed kernel1 and now it reboots to LEDE. Is this method not working for your units?

With regard to UBNT hardware, we have a specific issue to the UniFi AP v2...

But thanks for the info on a MTD approach, I will investigate that furrher.

There is a note in https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/unifiac

Running the above mtd command does not work for the UniFi AP.