CDR-KING CW 5350 support

Good day. im new to this forum and to OpenWRT so please bear with me.

I was wondering if this router can be supported by OpenWRT:

CW 5350
Chipset: Ralink 5350
Antenna: Detachable Antenna x 1 (1T1R)
Wireless Features: Support IEEE 802.11g, 802.11b and 802.11n draft 2.0 Wireless Access Point
Maximum coverage distance: 100 m indoors;300 m outdoors
Superior wireless coverage and high performance, up to 300Mbps for wireless data rates
Support WDS, AP, AP Client mode

this is the WebUI

i cant seem to post more than 1 screenshot..

Ralink AP SDK - History


  • Improve the WebUI
  • Update the SPI CLK => BUS_CLK/8.
  • Fix Ethernet driver compile error while enable RT3883 GMAC2
  • Fix IPv6 neighbor solicitation issue for RT3352 and RT5350
  • Fix the RT3352 Uboot memory size display error issue
  • Fix the IGMP Proxy Makefile to support RT3352 and RT5350
  • Fix RT5350 CPU/SYSCLK setting issue
  • Fix RT3883 FLASH_CS0_CFG register for NOR flash controller
  • RT5350 Uboot support CPU PLL adjustment
  • RT3352/RT5350 support CPU Auto-Frequency adjustment
  • RT3352/RT5350 Uboot support SDR pre-charge power down
  • RT3352 Uboot support DDR self-refresh power save
  • RT5350 ethernet LED control setting to optimize power save for Ralink reference board
  • Add always check the erased word after erasing flash sector.
  • Update RT3883 Uboot to turn ON external DRAM ODT as 150 ohm when write DRAM. (1000034C=0x452)
  • Update RT3883 Uboot to turn ON RT3883 DDR IO ODT as 150 ohm when read DRAM. (10000014=0x03610180)


  • support RT2880/RT3052/RT3883/RT3352
  • support NAND/SPI/NOR in the same firmware
  • support Hardware NAT on RT3052/RT3883/RT3352
  • support Software QoS (uplink/downlink)
  • super dmz support
  • support kernel mode pptp/l2tp to improve throughput significantly

ask me if you need anything else to confirm is this device is supported.
i would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Unless I’m mistaken this device is at least 6, maybe as much as 8 years old. Probably not worth the time unless you’re really bored from being stuck inside :wink:

err i believe 2012 is the year.
actually the reason i wanted to install openwrt to this device is because i wanted to monitor may bandwidth usage on all of my devices. i have a limited data plan, like 130GB per month.

i believe openwrt has a way to monitor the usage of all connected device.. my main router does not have that function, thus i wanted to install it to my old generic router, i guess.

again im not an expert. if you can suggest a better way to monitor my usage, that will be ok.

Thank you.

If you primary goal is to get usage monitoring id suggest get a device already supported, starting here :

Sort it by number of cpu cores is probably a good benchmark - pick something near the top of the list with as much ram and storage as you can afford. (And you may be able to buy second hand - check classifieds and eBay)

There’s a number of packages that can do bandwidth and data accounting. Can install them via the web interface and tweak to your need and your sorted.

Note, for it to be accurate you would need to put all your devices into this one, not your main modem/router

funny because was looking into other ways to install openwrt, i found out that a Raspberry pi can be used for this. i thought about this before when i searched for DDWRT for RPi but i found nothing, so i stopped looking.. and i looked into your list and there it is, top 35 on the CPU core list.

so im not sure if its ok to post another queries regarding Rpi. ill post it anyway.

so, Yes i managed to install the latest openwrt to my Raspberry pi 3B.
here are my issues:
1.) the wifi signal is weak. my transmit power is at 31dbm. im not sure if that's weak or not. im only 3-4 meters away. but compared to my Main router, the pi is weaker.

2.) i installed several tools/app, vnstat, etc. but i only settled with BANDWIDTHD, its has a graphic interface, shows all my devices(but no device name and i cant set it up to continuously save log). i know you can save log externally, but i want to save log using the same sd card. is that possible?
i also like IFTOP, but it has no webui.
i was looking for an app closest to a program called GLASSWIRE where it automatically record everything, which app can you recommend?

i am really new to this so pardon my ignorance. Thank you.

  1. Yeh the pi is known to have fairly average WiFi abilities. But at least you’ve got something you can try/test with before deciding if it’ll do what you need. The Netgear R7800 is a very popular device and has great WiFi (for my needs anyway)

  2. I haven’t had much experience with either of those.. I don’t have that much more data in my monthly plan than you by the sounds, but my speed is so slow I’ve never had to worry :rofl:

Suggest you play around with the pi and try different combinations of apps and if you have further questions to open a new thread with the specifics there.

i will definitely look into that router. thanks for the suggestion. Raspberry pi i believe is not a forever solution..

with my limited knowledge of linux command and google, i tinkered with the internal file of the pi and i think i managed to save logs of my bandwidthd to the internal memory.

thanks again sir.

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