Can't ping WAN interface


maybe someone can help..

I am not able to ping my WAN IP.

some informations (if you need more please let me know):

Device: TP-Link Archer MR200 (LTE)
i have a public IP (dynamic)
Default firewall rule "allow ping" is enabled

config rule
option name 'Allow-Ping'
option proto 'icmp'
option family 'ipv4'
list icmp_type 'echo-request'
option target 'ACCEPT'
option src 'wan'

Can you post the first octet of the WAN interface e.d. the first xxx.?
You might have CGNAT which is not reachable from the internet.

First part of IP is 46.
I have some services running that are accessible through port forwarding. So no CGNAT.

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Maybe your ISP is blocking ping?

I'm not sure.. Only thing i can say is that with the stock router wan ping was possible. But that was 1 year ago.. same ISP of course.

Use tcpdump to see if anything arrives at your wan

Your openwrt router’s wan address (IPv4) is rfc1918: (according to your image).

What is in front of your openwrt device?

How did you determine this?

The Routers included 4G/LTE Modem.

From the Modems Web Interface (
Or from

From where?

If you can't ping your WAN IP address from a host on the LAN side, that's unusual and warrants troubleshooting.

If you can't ping your WAN IP address from a host outisde your WAN interface (e.g. somewhere on the Internet), this is perfectly normal and to be expected.

In addition, your WAN IP address is, as noted above by @psherman, an RFC 1918 address and thus is unreachable from the Internet without some sort of NAT intermediary (in your case, your 4G/LTE modem).

I understand now that my WAN IP Address is an RFC1918 address and thus not pingable from the internet. But the internal modem has a public address that should be pingable from the internet. Is there a way to get this working? I have successfully setup DynamicDNS and port forwarding and i can reach my services from the internet with it. Now i just want to get this ping thing to work. I want to ping my dyndnshostname and get an answer, is this possible?

Depends on the feature set of the device which holds the public IP address. You might find there is a user-configurable option to allow the modem to respond to ICMP Echo ("ping") on its own WAN interface. Equally, there might not be. The user manual for the modem may contain some advice in this regard.