Can't open /run/ to signal atd. No atd running?

I have now noticed that I have an error referring to "at" command, how to resolve it?

logread | grep err

Mon Jun 10 11:02:55 2024 cron.err atd[3453]: Cannot open /run/ No such file or directory

at -f /root/ping_8888 now+2minutes

warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 5 at Mon Jun 10 11:22:00 2024
Can't open /run/ to signal atd. No atd running?

Maybe I'm missing something simple but nothing comes to mind...

I created a syslink and relaunched the daemon and it works, someone more experienced than me can report the fact to the competent developer...

lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root             8 Jun 10 11:36 run -> /var/run

as I have never had to create a /run link to /var/run before
and on another router where I installed Openwrt /run does not exist...

Report new issue at


ln -s /var/run /run
service atd restart

you can kindly report it if you can...

You will need to prefill form with OpenWRT revisions you have, does not repeat on mainstream revisions.

I hope I followed the reporting procedure correctly:

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Superb detail, thanks!