Can't lease DHCP from edgerouter through OpenWrt router


I have the following setup that i recently added a Netgear R7800 to loaded with the latest image of OpenWRT.

ISP modem--->Edgerouter X ---->eth0 WAN pppoe
---->eth1 LAN (normal LAN trusted devices)
------>eth3 vlans 1 (default untagged) 20,30

When i hookup the Netgear (openwrt) to eth3, vlan 1 works fine. clients get an IP and can browse. The goal is to have the Netgear serve both vlan 1 and 30 (GUESTS) as a accesspoint. I have first followed and building from there.
I have tagged vlan 30 on port 1 and eth1 (cpu) and setup a new interface using eth1.30.

The weird thing is and why i am posting here is static clients are fine. If i set up a static IP and connect to port 4 (untagged vlan 30) i can browse etc just fine. The big puzzling thing is i am getting no luck with the dhcp server running on the edge router. However i have tested this with another accesspoint i have for vlan 20 and that accesspoint works fine with the vlan 30 dhcp server. I have deleted the DHCP server and did it from scratch, adjusted the pool size, changed the start and end range.

There are no firewall rules attached to the vlan 30 interface on the edgerouter yet so there is no apparant reason why dhcp should fail. I have a feeling it's something in OpenWRT as it's used to act as a router and not accesspoint.

Hopefully someone here has an idea i am a bit stuck after trying for 2 days

Without knowing your configuration in more detail, I would guess that it is that DHCP discovery and initial assignment is a link-local protocol that can't be routed.