Can't install OpenWrt to Netgear R7800

Hello. How can i install the OpenWRT on my R7800? The R7800 always gets in a bootloop after flashing.

Want or won't?

If the router goes into boot loop, something has gone wrong with flashing.

The tftp recovery mode is quite separate and does not get overwritten by OpenWrt or the OEM firmware. Read the instructions at wiki and follow them.

If flashing the OpenWrt factory image fails, the reason may a bad flash blocking the kernel area. OpenWrt has no logic for tackling that problem, but the Netgear OEM firmware has logic, so flashing it should succeed.

In that case, you might success by booting OpenWrt initramfs image and use that to sysuograde.
Search forum for R7800 initramfs and bad block.


Yes i habe read about that. But i don't know what i must do about initramfs.

TFTP boot it.

You might read this

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I must open the the r7800. Is that right?

That is right, as you need access to the serial header.