Can't install OpenWrt on WR940N V6 (US)


I am trying to install openwrt on TL-WR940N (US) i have tried installing thorugh webui and tftp both but the result is same, after installation it keeps bootlooping , it shows blue led then orange and then led stays off for a second or two and then the same thing repeats again and again . I have tried reseting the router both before and after installing openwrt but nothing changes.

Please tell me what am i doing wrong??

Thank you in advance

which image are you using ?

18.06.9 from the wiki page



not a solution, but you could try these 19.07.5 images

19.07.1 does not have pppoe support as the storage size of the router is small :sob: :sob:

is there anyway to reset the router after installing openwrt using any hardware method i have tried holding reset button for 10 sec but didn't work , is there any other way , I feel the problem is the configurations are not being removed after installing openwrt

Reset in what way?

Settings or fw?

The same situation was discussed in this topic

This worked Thank You @123serge123 @frollic

@123serge123 can you guide how to generate the the image for 18.06.9 using the patch? i tried to find the patch files in the image builder but couldn't find it do i have to create a new file or something else?

You can't use imagebuilder for patching. Imagebuilder is used for making firmware from precompiled binary packages.
You have to patch/rebuild firmware from source. It's long to explain and I think that it's better to see openwrt docs. Start from The build system

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