Cant install openwrt 4A gigabit

i cant install openwrt on router xiaemo 4a gigabit china
plz see pic

did you consult the link on the screen ?

According to the Wiki, there are multiple versions. Which one do you have?

system version is 2.30.28

ues but not understanding

does the sticker by the QR code say DVB4218CN ?

As v2.30.20 is unsupported by the exploit, it's very likely that 2.30.28 is unsupported as well. See here.

What is the solution?:frowning:

when scan
just download wifi app

here, maybe help:

i can change firmware on router??

if you find a working exploit, you can.

if you still in v2.30.28, you can "update" back to 2.30.20.

how this??

I do not have the V2 router, you try to google it, maybe v2.30.25