Can't install "cfdisk" and "resize2fs" to expanding OpenWrt squashfs (SDcard) on R4S, because no space left on device


I wish to extend the disk size, see this posting.


# df -h  
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on  
/dev/root 102.3M 100.2M 16.0K 100% /  
tmpfs 1.9G 1008.0K 1.9G 0% /tmp  
tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev


other unrelated question

Podman LUCI App

I can't find luci-app-podman

I wish to install podman. How-to install it with GUI?

In forum I find nothing about "luci-app-podman", is this some top secret app?

you've filled your / partition ?

I have not done it yet but you should be able to expand the filesystem by moving the sd-card to a linux system and simply use the tools there to grow the partition and filesystem. It is safer to modify the filesystem when it is not mounted for rw access anyway. If you have a usb based sd-card reader you could boot the R4S from a different sd-card, install the tools you need and expand your original sd-card via the usb - sd-card adapter. ...or build a bigger filesystem with a new install on a different card and copy all your files over to it etc.
Also, if you added a lot of files to the sd-card rather than from a large image-builder build, delete some to make room and install the tools you need.

Be sure all important hard to replace data on that card is backed up to a different device / host before attempting modification. Others have reported filesystem failures trying to expand it.

Good luck!

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