Can't Input Using Serial Port Connection

Hey all!

I'm trying to flash on a new version of my firmware through a serial connection. When I'm presented with some options to select for the router, I'm unable to type anything into to the router. I've tried this with both Putty & Termite. The strangest thing is that this was working fine a few days ago.

Does anyone know if there's a particular reason for this? Could it be the solder for one of the pins is bad? Is that a realistic guess or is this part of a deeper a problem I'm unaware of.

Thanks again!

Which device are we talking about?

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It's a Chinese brand that I'm not actually sure anyone will be familiar with. CR8012 - very scarce on the documentation.

Well, as for the question of bad soldiering, that's for you to say. We didn't see it when it worked and we don't see it now.

Are you sure you didn't accidentally swap RX and TX? Can you see data coming in?

Are you using OpenWrt? Why don't you flash from the GUI?

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Yeah the data is flowing in nicely and I'm presented with the OS. But I can't for of the life of me input any data. Which is odd. The pins look fine to my naked eye, but I'm tempted to try do them again.

If they look ok and unlikely to have disconnected since they last worked, I would recommend not trying to do them again unless you exhaust all other possibilities. Excessive heat from soldering can possibly damage some components.

I see, I'm going to give it a few more shots. And as you said, once I've tried everything I may solder them again. But thanks again!