Can't go back to Stock or other firmware (WZR-HP-G450H)

i can't flash back my buffalo WZR-HP-G450H .to stock or other fw
tried from web ui and putty to flash stock and dd-wrt different versions but ended up having to unbrick via serial several times. i
tried to do that from latest openwrt and version 18

Have you tried wiki methods.

İf above link doesnt help you, try this.

can't find a decent tftp guide....
steps pasted from the guide above...

  • Set a static arp entry for to 02:aa:bb:cc:dd:23
  • TFTP the image during the 4 second window and wait
    how about some details and comand lines about the arp part ....then it says just "tftp the image"...when the whole point is "HOW?" to do the thing... this is ridiculous!!

in which state must the router be? and how do you put it in the state to accept tftp flashing. they forgot to mention that too...

second link is about faling to make any progress for the same thing on the same router... does it mean i should forget about it ?

anything else please ...

And it may be risky. Just use openwrt. İ dont think stock will be different from openwrt in terms of performance and stability.

i guess how to put buffalo router in tftp support mode will remain a mystery.
how clever from openwrt staff not letting anyone exit their firmware. thanks a lot !!

Wiki made by openwrt members.

And if you dont know much about openwrt dont install it.

i used it for some years but it doesn't say anywere that it can't be unistalled

Maybe need search more.

Try this link. İts about using tftp in this router. Read first post.

thats not on openwrt website besides the guide is wrong, there are no 27 05 19 56 sequence in the hex editor for that file jusr checked

Have you read end of that post? And if you are using openwrt it doesnt means that information will be available only in openwrt site.

that thread is eleven pages long, i can't see anyone flashing right without a serial connection, i already did that as mentioned, the serial fix is for unbrciking but you can't flash any other fw other than openwrt. with it, so whats the point of those 11 pages, tell me please. thanks

The DD-WRT site has a good tutorial on using TFTP to flash Buffalo routers.

it doesn't cover the tftp part, it links that to openwrt site and the link is broken...
besides i doubt the router will go in tftp mode with reset button when it has openwrt on it....

anyone knows if and how can i flash ddwrt from serial ttl ??

i found this
but it doens't say a thing about where to place the firmware and if i'll have to rename it to flash1.trx ? which version of it ? ... comand: flash -noheader : flash1.trx
can someone with exprience write the commands and relative fw to choose for serial flashing within ddwrt ones or stock

Helping this user is useless. He doesnt know what he want. Just ignore batsam.

It does.

See the section " Out-of-the-box: First-time-flashing for 'store-bought' Buffalo models"

TFTP doesn't care what the "current" firmware is.