Can't find Valid F2FS File system in ** Superblock (Frist Build for x86_x64)

hi , my frist build OpenWRT x86 and boot from USB Flashdisk.
how to skip this error from make menuconfig guys ?

il try this solution Error when mount: can't find valid F2FS filesystem in ** superblock not work for me.

I just want to run openwrt using a USB flashdisk, I don't want to install it to my hard drive

please help me

You're probably missing modules.

LEDE? Time to upgrade....

so I have to use the official openwrt repository?

Have is a strong word, you can use whatever you'd like, but some stuff might not work, for instance devices with UEFI bios.

If you use the official releases, all the packages are availabe to you, even without compiling.