Cant find my exact router model on OpenWrt (RT-N12+ B1)

So i recently bought a router i wanted to instal OpenWRT on but I bought before checking. I have a Asus RT-N12 + B1. ->
And i can't seem to find the exact model here:[Model*~]=rt-n12

Should i use "RT-N12 +" or "RT-N12 B1" ?

Thanks for any advice. I am quite new to this.

RT-N12 B1 is a Broadcom powered device

RT-N12 + B1 is a Mediatek powered device

ie. totally different models.

Do not use the RT-N12 images on your N12 + B1

The RT-N12 + B1 is powered by MT7628NN SoC.

The RT-N12 + is powered by older MT7620N SoC.

Looks like there is no openwrt support for RT-N12 + B1 variant.

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So what you are saying is i can't get openwrt for my router, and i have to return it for another one.
Thank you for replying.

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.

Pls pay atention
that ASUS RT-N12+ model are the same:

|ASUS RT-N300 B1|MSQ-RT1P00|

Current snapshot supports Asus RT-N11P B1

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Anyone tried this firmware on RT-N12+ B1?

same firmware(hash) for both models


fwiw, both share same FCC-ID MSQ-RT1P00

Found this owrt page for RT-N12plus B1 which indeed uses 'RT-N11B P1' image

It wasn't listed as RT-N12 + B1 which may be why I missed it in previous search.

Asus use DD-WRT. Why change? I had a 4G-AC68U and DD looks far
more detailed and finished then the most other crappy firmware out
there. Anyway, here the link to the broadcom based model:

This is mediatek based model (B1) and not compatible with dd-wrt

Installed openwrt snapshot Asus rt-n11p b1 firmware to Asus rt-n12+ B1 Via tftp and it worked flawlessly.

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