Can't edit message anymore?

Hello it's been some weeks that i have this problem and i really can't understand if it's intended... I can't edit message that are posted by me some seconds ago...


Known problem and seems to be fixed already in master:


So we just have to wait. Should i keep this open and you close when this is fixed?

I expect this issue to be fixed in the next beta release 2.8.0.beta3.
Either @thess could drop a short note when the beta3 update happened (AFAIK not even announced yet), or you will certainly notice yourself when things are working as expected again :slight_smile:


@Ansuel - I merged the Discourse "master/main" to the latest here last nite. This picks up which (hopefully) fixes this issue.

[edit: testing fix] [edit: 2nd - looks good]


Test 12345 NOPE?
@thess works thx a lot


no biggie but seems may not be totally resolved...

@Ansuel can you please check again if it works for you?

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Qrgb test test

@tmomas it seems to work
Edited one old message and this 2 times


that was once in a ages tho'... before it was happening like every 10 edits... that was more like 1 in 50-100...

no doubt they will catch it eventually and it will slide in with the regular updates...

Should you encounter this more often, please ping me.

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one more... last two were not 'soon after creation' either like when the issue first appeared...

Chromium Version 90.0.4430.212 (Developer Build) built on Debian 10.9, running on Debian 10.9 (64)

Can you please link to the post that showed the edit conflict?
How long after creation of the post did yo try to edit it?

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  • for both was between 40mins-to-2hours (no was probably closer to 3mins-to-20mins... but early(fixed) occurrences were 10-30seconds from initial post)
  • revisiting this one after 30minutes allows me to edit fine (which has me wondering if it's some weird ajax concurrency issue - next time ill see if flushing browser cache does anything - but like I said it's rare so no doubt they will track it down)

only odd thing I can see is maybe some single quotes in each post...



Hmmm... strange. We are on 2.8.0.beta2 ( 87684f7c5e ) and we have the fix implemented, but you are still seeing this issue, while I don't. I have created a new topic for testing, edited after some time, no problem. Single quotes included, space at the end, tried multiple times, and always no problem to edit.

I'm also seeing no mention of this issue any more on

I suggest to wait for 2.8.0.beta3 (or whatever the newer version will be).
Should the problem still persist, please let me know.
It would be helpfull if you could collect the following information:

  • link to the post where the issue occured
  • waiting time between inital saving and editing
  • any special characters in the initial and/or edited post?
    • space at the end of a line
    • single quotes like in I'm
    • has any formatting been applied in initial/edited post?
  • any other information that could help to track this down

BTW: I'm keeping this topic open until at least the next Discourse version.

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will do...

my guts telling me it's something ajax related to the events leading up to the clicking of the edit button...

i.e. if the user edits... cancels... edits again... or something like that (and not the text specifically) or if whatever javascript is in the background is halfway through something or other...

FYI - 2.8.0.beta3 is available and I guess it will be installed during the next days.

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FWIW - 2.8.0.beta3 update done


LGTM no issues in ~3weeks... :+1:

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