Can't directly forward DNS server to clients

Hello everybody. Running an OpenWrt server as the main router in my house on Running a pi-hole adblock server on a Raspberry Pi on

I set up OpenWrt to use pi-hole on the Raspberry Pi as its DNS server. That worked; ads are blocked properly on all connected devices.

I want to have more insight in domain blocking on pi-hole. Right now, all blocked domain requests seem to come from 'gateway', which is obviously my router. I set up to use a static IP and specified the DNS server directly, so that device gets specified properly in pi-hole.

I want to have more insight in what domain requests are blocked from which devices. I think that the problem right now is that OpenWrt does not explicitly send the DNS server IP address to the device:


I know that it's possible to have the pi-hole IP address listed here for DHCP-connected devices, but I forgot on how to do so. How can I get that done? This will surely fix the problem I'm encountering.

Use dhcp option 6.

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Thanks; adding

list dhcp_option '6,'


config dhcp 'lan'




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