Can't create a repeater with same L2 broadcast

Hi, I've spent some hours to create any possible combination, I report here which is the most logic I found:
the wwan (which is created automatically after join a wifi, any attempt to assign it to LAN or other bridge make it not working, "not associated", so I worked on it only) is DCHP client, I can't ut it unmanagement, it has no firewal, I've enabled "brige interfaces" als wll as STP, bring up on boot.
I've created am unmanagement interface Repeater with the same settings above, and I linked on it the wlan0 (an active SSID where I want to forward all L2 packets), then I created a relay bridge and merged wwlan with Repeater, allower the broadcast, etc.

I can't get a DCHP and I can't access the the other IP present on both sides, not working at all! All the attempts to join together directly the 2 interfaces will kill the wifi client connection and I have to rebild it.

The only way I know is to separate the 2 paths, wlan will get and IP and becave like a WAN, enable the lan DHCP and associate on LAN the new SSID.. why?
It looks really strange that it's so complicated, thans for answers

You cannot create a direct L2 wifi bridge/repeater device. It is not possible due to the way the standards work.

If you setup a wwan, it will be routed (thus L3, not L2).

If you need to have a wireless repeater, you'll do it this way with relayd:


Thank you mate, I made a mistake somewhere, strange I couldn't find myself how, it's a bit complicated to get well the phylosophy here. Now it works, I would say, if it can be useful to someone else, shortly, how it's good to proceed:

  1. Give router another IP/subnet for its LAN to operate with, without create confusion. Give a static IP to your PC too in the same subnet. Disable on router DHCP v4 and v6
  2. Join the WiFi you want to repeat and assign it to the LAN firewall, leave it on the new wwan interface.
  3. Delete other useless interfaces suc as WAN and WAN6, delete WAN firewall rule as well
  4. Add a new WiFi with SSID you want (if you use the same be careful, cause you don't more understand where your device will be connected.. and you can't force eventually to chose the SSID with better signal, you need the device loose the previous one for signal missing to allow itself join the stronger, or you should turn off wifi and then on,I don't recomend it. Here you'll not have comfortable roaming), and assign itto LAN network (bridge).
  5. create a new Bridge Relay interface and merge LAN with WWAN, be careful that the MAC will not pass transparenly between the two bridges, thery will be translated, that means your device will get frm DHCP different IP addresses, but yes is the same L2 network, broadcast works, you will find your printer automatically, etc. etc.

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