Can't connect to NAS share

Hello. I've been struggling with DD-WRT for a week trying to get my NAS share to work with my mobile devices. Today I finally decided to try my luck with OpenWRT but I'm still having trouble.

I followed several tutorials, see here, here, and here. I installed packages, mounted my external USB hard drive so the Mount Points page in the settings was visible, configured the network shares, and created a samba username and password. My desktop and mobile devices can detect the NAS in my workgroup but will not accept my username and password. On Linux Mint, it says, "Failed to mount Windows share: No such file or directory". Android doesn't give me any message. Screenshot showing the partitions on the hard drive are mounted.

If it helps narrow down the problem, here is some extra info. My external USB hard drive has two partitions. The largest is in EXT4 and the smallest is in NTFS. I didn't follow the guide to create them because I didn't want to erase the data that was already there. Was this a misstep?

EDIT: Also, here's a pastebin of my samba configuration and a screenshot of my network shares page.

Can anyone help me resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Did you try this one?

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Okay I figured it out.

1 - I gave the same share name to both I simply gave them unique names to fix it.

2 - For the shared directory paths, I used the filesystem paths(dev/sda1) not the mount point paths(mnt/sda1).

My ext4 partition works on desktop and mobile now and it even performs faster than it did on stock firmware! The NTFS partition doesn't work but maybe that's because it's NTFS and isn't completely compatible with Linux yet. I don't need it anyways.

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