Cant connect my edgerouterx running OpenWrt 22 to wireguard

this is on the server config under etc/openvpn/server.confcorrect

the push route will be on the openvpn server config, yes (although the actual syntax of that line will be different if this is not on OpenWrt).

The redirect-gateway should not be used on the server and also not on the client.

the server is on pivpn on ubuntu but i added the line with the propper sytax and the server still routes evrything including the internet through the vpn

you may need to use policy based routing (or manual routes) to handle this situation... It's been a while since I configured OpenVPN, and in my case I was using the redirect-gateway argument (which you should not be using).

sorry im a begginer to networking how should i route this so it doesnt put internet traffic through the vpn

Thanks for all the help i got openvpn working with routing unfortunately the performance is abismal 2mbps down 20 mbps up. I checked htop and its only using one core is there any setting that allows it to utilize more cores or is it just the cheap hardware

Nope, not that I know of. Your experience with the speed of OpenVPN is exactly as expected - it is an older, very cpu intensive protocol, too heavy for good performance on embedded devices. That’s is why wireguard has become so popular.

I solved it. Im a moron. I had my routing rules messed up i fixed it and wireguard client works at over 100 mbps. Thanks for all the help

Great! Glad to hear it's running now.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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