Can't access samba on Openwrt router from any android device

I have samba share on OpenWrt 21.02 router (Linksys EA8300) with guest access allowed. I can access it without any problem from any Windows 10 PC, but can't from any Android device. I tried Android apps X-plore, Total Commander, ES file manager and some stock FM. Every time I get STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED, even if I try to login as root.
And at the same time I can access other network shares from this Android devices.
Any suggestions?

Do not try login as root lol.
Can you show your samba config? You sure it have access to wifi not only lan in the Interface field?

It is not wi-fi problem. Windows laptop can access share using wi-fi. At the same time Android TV box connected to router via cable can't access that share.

When you told android device i thought it was a phone? Can your phone connect to samba or only tv-box can't?

I've tried android phone, tablet and tv-box. None of them connects to samba on router.

Same here with Samba4 and different versions of Android. Windows is working just fine. Guests are allowed.
Problems startet a few days ago when I updated to 21.02 on my Linksys WRT3200 and decided to rebuild my whole config. It used to work in the past so I feel like it's just one checkmark I forgot to set.