Cant access recovery instructions from the website

I have brick my router, and I try to get the instructions for recovery, but the page get me back to the beginning, can any one tell me how to access the information?. thank you.

What device are you using? What did you do that bricked the router -- was it the process of installing OpenWrt? Or some setting that you changed? The more detail you can provide about exactly what you did prior to it becoming bricked, the more likely we can help you unbrick the unit.

What “beginning” and what “information”?

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I am using a Engenius ESR600.

When I try to access the the links for the recovery methods for my router the page returns to the select model and maker page, and I cant see the recovery methods.

@tmomas - there appears to be a circular reference link situation happening here. Can you take a look?

Device page > recovery methods > U-boot TFTP + serial recovery general page > click on any recovery method and you end up back at the same page. In theory, it should link to a page elsewhere that has the process and also the git commit information.

Dataentry, not devicepage :slight_smile:

Nope, that's just a page where nobody put further information in (e.g. link to already existing generic instructions in the wiki?).

The detailed device specific instructions should anyways be on the devicepage, but nobody has created one yet.


  1. Fill the installation/recovery instructions with links to already existing generic instructions in the wiki. Alternative examples: (no datatable which obviously confuses users)
    Especially for the latter: No need to copy stuff into this page, when the process is already sufficiently described elsewhere.

  2. Create a devicepage for the ES600, describe device specific instructions there ->

Anybody feel free to contribute to the wiki! :slight_smile:

If in doubt, there 'should' always be

if that's all what's published at this moment, you'd need to investigate (and document this --> wiki!) yourself.