Can't access openwrt via ssh or luci after attenedsysupgrade

I just used attenedsysupgrade by luci web interface to upgrade my linksys wrt3200acm, it can't access by ssh or luci web after upgraded. I used nmap to scan its port find that only port 53 is opening.

I found a similar topic here: i-cant-ssh-or-luci-after-update-to-23-05-2 . As he mentioned that it could be a firewall problem, he modified the /etc/rc.local. But how cloud he modify the file while he can't access it.

Using serial ?

Did you try

I only got a macbook here, is there any possible to use serial?

Sure, you still need an USB TTL, like everybody else.

But as @dnd suggested, try reset 1st.

after tried for so many times, I finally login to failsafe mode. It's a good choice without reset but not easy really.

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