Can't access modem from router

Hello, i can't seem to be able to access the modem from my openwrt router, i have tried adding a static ip interface in the wan firewall zone and that still doesn't seem to be working, any ideas why ?

my setup:

This is due to the standard rules of IP addressing and routing. The way I deal with this is open a WiFi ssid on my modem router, and connect through that if I ever need to access it.

I’m sure there is probably a way to create a sub interface with another ip in same subnet as your router, but I’ve never gotten around to exploring that.. perhaps someone else will chime in with best practice way to configure an admin interface for modems running in bridging mode.

Edit:apologies I see you’ve actually already tried to get an interface configured within the same subnet.

Is there an actual reason that you made your LAN a /16?

To be clear, @Sparks is noting that your LAN covers 65,000 IP addresses. Did you really mean to renumber LAN, so that it also covers the IP range of of the WAN network?

Fixing this would be easiest. The default is / do you need more than 254 usable IP addresses on one network?

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In my experience, no special interfaces or routes have ever been necessary for me to access my cable modem ( from my lan ( I would recommend removing the extra interface and also changing your lan to a /24 network.

If you are still unable to connect to the modem, maybe a static route would be the best way to achieve the goal.


that's what i do right now but its too much of a hassle every time enabling the modem wifi just to access it when you can just configure it to be accessible from the router

not really, but i read somewhere its better if the router and modem are on different subnets
modem subnet is and router is and i then configured modem interface with an ip on its subnet

tried that as you can see and still can't access the modem at

OMG...that's because now LAN is now on the same subnet as the modem's IP!

You have not yet placed them in different subnets.

Can't you pick or something!?

It's difficult if you're not clear in subnetting.

oh, my bad. i always thought you can only have ips in the range of 192.168.1.x/24 on the subnet and to "change subnet" is to change ipv4 subnet from to, anyway i changed the router lan to and now i can access the modem

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You are confusing subnet mask and subnet.

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